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Specifically Cyclura nubila lewisi hybrids


Unfortunately we lost Tashmoo to an operation to remove eggs she couldn't pass on Auguast 23, 2003.

I received my new little girl on Wed. May 23, 2001 from David Blair in CA. She is gorgeous, smaller than I thought, but awesome! She is relatively calm. Jumpy when you try and catch her but she settles down in your hand. Click here to see her journal.

We took her to Martha's Vineyard with us the first weekend we had her. She did really well and rode all the way there in the car on my arm looking out the window at the scenery. Once we got there she settled right into the 10 gallon temporary tank we set up for her. It didn't seem to phase her that it was such a small space. We took her out a lot on a little leather leash we had gotten for her on the way. She doesn't seem to mind it at all except for trying to scrape it off once or twice. It allowed us to get her outside for some real UV.

We named her after Lake Tashmoo on The Vineyard. We just liked the sound of it. She seems to like it.

Tashmoo watched the Indy 500 on Sunday May 27, 2001. She was looking for my friend Marian of One- Stop Web Development who was there enjoying the action. Tashmoo didn't get to see her but she had fun nonetheless watching all the crashes and trying to blend with the plaid couch along the way.

Wow, I can't believe how small she was back then. It is now March of 2003 and "Moo-moo" is 31 inches long overall (13.5" svl) and a hefty piece of iguana. She freeroams with Pugsley (Male Green Iguana) in his room now. Allowing her to freeroam was the best thing we ever did with her. She tamed down in no time once she was taken out of an enclosure. Her and Pugs are getting along fine for now. We shall see if that continues. I keep a close eye on them to make sure she isn't becoming too territorial with him. Pugs is NOT an alpha iguana and will most likely let her push him around the bigger she gets.

Click here for Tashmoo's Journal - Updated March 2003!

Click here for pictures!

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