Blue Tongue Skink

This is "BT"

I've had him since 1995. This is an older picture taken around Christmas of 1997. Blue Tongue Skinks are very interesting creatures. They are very human-like yet they remind me of snakes. Their legs are very tiny compared to their body so they can slither through their bedding (in this case, aspen bedding). They are relatively easy to keep and reach a manageable size. Mine is in a 30 gallon long tank which is soon to be upgraded as he needs more room to roam. They need a lot of ground space as opposed to vertical space so his next enclosure will most likely be a breeder tank.

As you probably guessed, Blue Tongue Skinks have blue tongues. They are a very beautiful cobalt blue. I can't seem to snap a picture of him sticking it out so you'll have to take my word for it. 

Here is a picture of him eating when we first got him. Naturally I was trying to catch him with his tongue out. No dice. Anyway... I keep calling him a "him" even though I have no idea what sex "he" is. Not a clue. These guys are nearly impossible to sex. You need to get 2 together and see what happens I guess. (shrug) 

Winter slow-down - He doesn't do much in the winter. He does this every year. Barely eats enough to stay alive all winter long. Then BAM, eats everything in sight in the Spring. He lives in a custom enclosure that has 4x3 feet of floor space with cypress mulch as substrate.

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