Photo of Pete, a Cyclura nubila caymanensis
Cyclura (Rock) Iguanas
Cyclura nubila, cornuta & lewisi

Cyclura iguanas or "Rock Iguanas" as they are generally called are a large, heavy species. They may not get as long as a Green Iguana but they can weigh nearly two times as much.

There are 4 species/subspecies commonly kept in captivity including:
  • Rhinocerous Iguana - Cyclura cornuta
  • Cuban Iguana - Cyclura nubila nubila
  • "Little Cayman" or "Cayman Brac" Iguana - Cyclura nubila caymanensis
  • "Lewisi Hybrid" or "Blue Iguana Cross" Iguana - Hybrid of Cyclura lewisi and Cyclura nubila caymanensis

My Experience with Cyclura Iguanas
I personally keep one male Cayman Brac iguana (Pete) who is 6 years old (2006), a female rhino iguana (Kharma) who is 5 years old at this time and a "baby" Rhino from eggs I hatched for someone else in the Fall of 2003 (Diego Garcia) who has turned out to be a female.

I raised a lewisi hybrid from a 9 month old to a nearly 3 year old but lost her due to complications of egg laying and the surgery to remove the eggs during the summer of 2003 (Tashmoo). Her page can be viewed here.

Pete, Kharma and Diego only arrived here in 2003. Pete in May and Kharma as a rescue in September. I learned lots about Cyclura raising Tashmoo but have learned even more in the several years Pete, Kharma & Diego have been here.

Kharma came with a host of issues including gout and some fairly serious burns. Her diary can be seen here.

Pete came from a lovely family in California that could no longer keep him due to several things. He was cared for wonderfully and came here as a happy, well-adjusted, tame boy. He did nothing but eat for the entire summer and went from 6.5 lbs. to 8.5 lbs. in only 4 months when he finally slowed down a bit. He currently weighs in at 13 lbs. (Winter 2006)

Diego is our newest addition. She is a rhino that was hatched here in the fall of 2003. I was incubating eggs for a friend and was allowed to keep one myself. Watching her grow up right out of the egg is very cool. Adjusting to calling him a her has been rough. :)

Cyclura Care in Captivity
Cyclura Care Information seems to be very difficult to find. There are no books out and caresheets are brief and not very specific. I am planning on writing one of my own one of these days...

Much of the care info out there compares Cyclura to Green Iguanas; for good reason. There is a ton of info about Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana) out there. There are great books like:

to name a few...

Top Cyclura issues...

Cyclura Links

Photos of my Cyclura and others can be viewed here.

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