Connecticut Herp Rescues

Located in West Hartford, CT. Will help you get on track for caring for your iguana properly. Can assist in locating a good home for your pet. We are at the shows in White Plains, NY and in Manchester, NH every year. Please visit our webpage for more information about how you can help.

While not located in Connecticut, this organization is nationwide and places hundreds of turtles into good homes each year. Visit their site at for details.
We don't take in any rescues here but can try and help you locate a good home for yours elsewhere. Can also provide you with information on how to care for your herp so that perhaps you don't need to give it up.

These resources will try and assist you. There is no guarantee that they can locate a suitable home for your animal. People wanting to adopt certain animals may contact them to see what is available. Some organizations might charge a fee to adopt.

If you would like to be listed here send your information to

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