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(*note - These photos and information are circa 1998 through about 2008. Pugsley passed away in March of 2012 at the age of 21)

Pugsley's Room



Trying to make Iguana/Puppet Babies!
Here are two pix of Pugs mating with a stuffed Iguana puppet. Breeding season(Oct. 98 - ?) this year has been insane around here. Orange Iguanas bobbing everywhere!

For those of you with male Iguanas in the midst of breeding season you might think about getting them a stuffed ig or similar object. It seems to calm Pugsley right down.

Pugsley the Escape Artist
Here is a picture from about August 1998. Pugs escaped out of "his" room and went on a rampage through the house. When I got home from work this is where I found him, nestled snuggly with the Beanie Babies. (That shelf behind him used to be full of them.) At this point, however, they were in a heap on the floor! Oh, the carnage!


Baby Pugs (kinda)
Here is Pugsley when I first got him in 1994. He was already over 2 years old but he was a little small. He had been fed an improper diet his whole life. As soon as he came to live here he started growing fast. I follow Melissa Kaplan's diet guidelines to feed him for the most part. I use a lot of greens like collards, turnip tops, dandelion greens, mustard greens, etc.

Mr. Traffic Cone Orange
Here he is showing off his orange coloration one breeding season a couple of years ago. He didn't turned quite that orange for a long time. I think he was going through puberty. This year (Oct. 98 - ?) he has regained that nice orange color in honor of breeding season! He sports lovely orange eyeshadow!

The Cat-Lover
Here he hanging out on one of his many carpeted shelves with one of our cats. The cat is fascinated by all of the lizards. I don't recommend letting your pets interact like this. Some of them get along, many of them don't.

Here we have Pugsley very soon after I got him, interacting with our other (declawed) cat. They seem to like to pretend the other doesn't exist. They were introduced gradually because Pugs was much smaller then. When the cat sniffed his tail, Pugsley tried to smack her with it. He missed, but she got the idea. No problems since. Pugsley could care less about either of the cats now. He doesn't appear to be stressed at all.


Pugsley the "Free Roamer"
Pugsley is a "free-roamer", which, if you can swing it is the very best way to keep an Iguana. He has the run of my "reptile room". It is on a separate heating zone from the rest of the house and is always at least 79 degrees (varies up in the summer to the outside temperature). He spends most of his day in his basking spot in the front window on a heating pad under 2 UV lights. After he warms up in the morning he usually roams around a bit, eats, and goes back to his basking spot. There are several other areas in the room in which to hang out which he utilizes to thermoregulate. Here he is on the left hanging out in one of them. This doesn't really seem to bother the inhabitants a great deal.


There are many cages & shelves (they are very easy to make) in there and he climbs on all of them. The picture on the left is from when we first built the shelves. Now there is a heating pad and uv light for the center shelf. Pugs likes to look out the window and bob at all the people and dogs that walk by.


When Pugs first started to free roam he decided where his toilet was going to be, which was, unfortunately, on one of his comrade's cages. The only way to solve that little problem was to move that cage's inhabitant (a Spiny Tailed Iguana) to another cage and leave the "chosen spot" where it was as a toilet. For the most part Pugs still uses that spot to do his business. He does have accidents, but these are usually small like he is marking his territory. This is definitely a concern if you plan to let your Ig free roam. Be prepared for accidents to happen. These guys aren't as easy to potty train as cats or dogs.

My other Ig, Jorge simply would not potty train. He was letting it fly everywhere! He is now relegated to a rather large floor to ceiling cage in the next room. Pugsley and he had issues anyway, both being male and everything. So the cage in the next room killed two birds with one stone. 

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