Hermanns Tortoises

Cocoa came to live with us as a hatchling in March of 1996. She is a Hermanns Tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri). We obtained her from Central Florida Reptile Farm while visiting Florida. Hermanns Tortoises are wonderful little tortoises that are well suited to keeping in the northeast. Don't misunderstand. Even though they are relatively small (Cocoa is 4 years old and just over one pound and 5.5 inches long) they need a large amount of space. They are active, inquisitive creatures. We are currently building an outdoor area for her and Lumpy (not his real name, we haven't come up with one yet. More on him later) to be out in for the summer. In the cooler months Cocoa lives in a kiddie ppol in the house filled with either cypress mulch or pine bark mulch.

Sarge is a male Hermanns Tortoise also who came to live with us in March of 2000. We got him from Central Florida Reptile Farm as well. He was hatched there by the Abbotts in 1993. Sarge was in quarantine for 6 whole months. I kept him in a seperate enclosure and split the outdoor enclosure in half so he had no contact with Cocoa at all. We needed to be sure he had no parasites or diseases to pass on to my Cocoa who has led a very sheltered life. He has quite the personality and marches around the perimeter of the outdoor enclosure. He really looks like he is marching. Thus "Sarge".

The Introduction
The Introduction went quite smoothly. Cocoa wasn't too sure about this at all. She looked him over but didn't think much of him at all. She had never been with other tortoises since she was a tiny hatchling back at the Abbotts. Sarge, on the other hand, took an instant liking to Cocoa. He kept trying to bite her front legs all the time. This went on for a week or so. Then he left her alone for the most part. In November all of a sudden there was mating activity. Tortoise mating involves a lot of vocalizations and it was pretty entertaining. He pursued her all over the kiddie pool. She started running around the edges in there even when he wasn't behind her. There are a couple of pictures of the activity on my Webshots page. We shall see what happens in the Spring of 2001. Eggs? Maybe!

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