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Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata)

Male on left, female right

I received my Long Term Captive pair of Spotted Turtles via Airborne Express on April 3, 2001. They are the prettiest little turtles you ever saw.

They are currently residing in a 33 gallon breeder tank with about 6 inches of water, a nice land area, cork bark, a log and a Magnum 350 cannister filter to keep everything clean.

Click here to see more pictures of them at Webshots!

Information to come as soon as I get it all straightened out. I have had some difficulty finding specific information about these guy's care in captivity. Stay tuned for a care sheet.

Their progress:

4/4/01 - Fecal came back with tapeworms. Scheduling an appointment to get an injection for that.

4/5/01 - Male eats turtle treat small dried shrimp things and chases feeder fish around. Hasn't caught a fish as of yet. Female not eating yet. Offered live mealworms, turtle pellets and the dried shrimp. Male picks at the pellets but doesn't eat them.

4/6/01 - Female is eating now. Mealworms and krill only. The pellets are ignored completely by both of them. For now I am happy they are eating at all. Now begins the task of getting them to eat pellets of some sort.

4/7/01 - Its off to the vet for the shots for the tapeworm. It is my understanding that the treatment is "Droncit".

4/13/01 - Female is eating really well. Eating Turtle Brownies. Male holding out for live food. I hope he eats the pellets or the brownies soon. Feeding in a separate tank now as the water was getting too murky.

1/13/02 - Sorry for the long time in between updates here. 7 months is too long. The spotties are doing GREAT. They both are eating the pelletted food like piggies. The female laid eggs in the late spring. I tried to incubate them to no avail. Not sure if they were even fertile or not.

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