Substrates For Use With Reptiles

Picture of Diego, a rhino iguana with aspen bedding for her substrate
What do I mean by substrate? Simple. The substrate is the bedding at the bottom of the cage that the reptile resides on.

Different Reptiles will have different needs as far as bedding is concerned. With all reptiles ingestion is a big concern, so the bedding has to be digestible if it is particulate (made up of tiny pieces). Arboreal lizards such as Iguanas (like Diego over there on the left) spend so little time on the ground that it hardly matters what is on the ground as long as it is digestible or large enough so as not to be ingested. With small lizards there is always the fear of impaction (sand can be a big problem here). Anyway, the list below outlines some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most common substrates

There are many substrates out there to choose from. Use common sense and keep an eye on the inhabitents of the cage and you will be all set. I know not all of them are here and I will try and add them as I learn about new ones. Remember that any "particulate" substrate can be ingested. Look at the size of the pieces and look at your animal. Will the pieces possibly fit through their digestive tract??? Use common sense everyone!

Substrates in Detail

Picture of Crested Gecko kept on paper toweling

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