Eddie & Bisquik's Page

Rest in Peace Eddie
We are sad to report that Eddie had to be put to sleep Jan. 7, 2005. He lived a great life, nearly 10 years here. He had been in failing health for the last couple of months when he got a strange eye infection. We tried various treatments to no avail. He is very sadly missed.

Eddie's page will remain up as was an awesome lizard who taught me a lot about Bearded dragons.

Eddie is an adult male Bearded Dragon. Bearded Dragons are, in my opinion, far and away the best reptile pet. I had Eddie from shortly after he hatched in 1995 until we had to have him euthanized in 2005. He was exceptionally tame and very personable. Very dog-like I think.

Bearded Dragons in general are very attentive creatures and give off the impresssion that they are listening and understand what you are saying to them. That's not to say that they DO understand people, just that they look like they do.

Bearded Dragons are much easier to care for and are far more manageable than Iguanas. They don't require a room sized enclosure nor do they require as specialized a diet as the Iguanas. 


Eddie & Bisquik's Old Digs
Eddie & Bisquik used to reside in our living room in a 75 gallon tank with 2 UV lights. They had a ceramic heat element (CHE) for heat on all day long. At night the heat went off and the temperature dipped to whatever our room temperature was. Sometimes it would get as low as 63 degrees. This is fine as they experience a drop like that (sometimes even more) in the wild.
During the day the CHE got the uppermost right-hand side of the cage to 100-105 degrees. Most of the time the other end of the cage would be around 70-75 degrees. I don't recommend heating to 105 degrees unless you have a thermostat to control it AND a large enough cage so they can get away from it and cool off. When I tried to have the hottest part of the cage at around 95 degrees the other end was way too cold most of the time and they spent all day under the lamp. Eddie & Bisquik seemed to enjoy it this way. They would climb up there in the morning, bask for a while and then back off. Then they would move back and forth all day when their mood suited them. 

When the light and the heat would go off they would flop wherever and sleep all night. It is almost like flipping a switch. Instant sleep.

They generally had sand on the bottom for a substrate. I have never seen them eat any, (I hand fed both of them most of the time) but be careful. If you see yours gulping sand down while diving for crickets get rid of it and use something else.

For some time now Bisquik has lived with some of her "girlfriends" in a this tank. Eddie was single for some time before his passing. I leave the story here as it is a good illustration of how to keep a couple of dragons.

To see more photos of Eddie, Bisquik, Luau and all the rest of the gang go to my Webshots Album.



We have had Bisquik since she was a hatchling way back in April of 1999. She is a Sandfire x Red Flame Bearded Dragon from Weis Reptiles. She has turned out a bit yellow, not red, but we love her anyway. During the summer of 2000 she bred with Eddie upon introduction and laid eggs August 23rd, 2000. The babies started hatching on Nov. 3, 2000. See the whole story here. As of April 2002 she had laid a total of 9 clutches. Some of them unfortunately perished as she laid them in the sand and they dried out. Of all the eggs we have hatched, which numbers near 150, we have lost only one weak baby.

Bisquik (with Eddie's help) gave us many babies between 2000 and 2003.

Bisquik is retired and we no longer have any babies for sale.

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